2012-03-29 / Sports

Pool Standings

Houghton Lake Women’s Pool
Final Standings
Back Door 1st
Limberlost 2nd
Sand Bar #1 3rd
Sand Bar #2 4th
Old Town 5th
Anchor Inn #1 6th
Pressure Crack 7th
Anchor Inn #2 8th
Family 9th
Houghton Lake Men’s Pool
March 20
Anchor Inn White 12/87
Back Door #1 9/118
Back Door #2 11/153
Kilkare #1 9/132

Kilkare #2 7/131
Long Branch 12/103
Old Town 10/105
Eddie’s Blue 6/99
Sand Bar 8/106
** Anchor Inn Red & Eddie’s Black did not
record scores.
Final Top 3 Scores
Back Door 1st
Kilkare #1 2nd
Kilkare #2 3rd

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If you plan to vote Tuesday, will you only vote for candidates from one party or will you vote for candidates from more than one party (i.e., split your ticket)?