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Will continue to vote ‘for what’s best for county’

As a result of our recent Presidential elections, and after reading several editorial comments from the readers, I too, find it necessary to make my views known. I am especially addressing my comments to Mr. Wes Evoy, [“May take years to repair nation” from the Nov. 22 edition of the Resorter].

He starts out with comments about believing in God, and how President Obama’s progressive agenda is in conflict with two basic principles. Number one, abortion, I could not agree with you more. Abortion is a horrible idea, however, I cannot make that decision for someone else. Women will always get abortions, and back alley coat hanger methods should be beyond anybody’s scope of acceptance. Secondly, same sex marriage, there will always be gay people, whether you approve of it or not, so it’s time to accept it and grow up. I think “Judge, not lest ye be judged” is a Christian value, is it not?

If Romney had been elected President instead, it would have been disastrous. He is a one dimensional person, whose life’s work was to help make rich people richer, at anyone’s expense. As ambiguous as his campaign was, one thing he made very clear, he would have run the country the same way. Bush did enough to destroy this country, and we are still digging ourselves out of his mess.

As far as adding people to the ranks of the poor, food stamps, etc., you can put the blame squarely on congress rewarding companies for shipping the jobs overseas, (yes, both parties are to blame), and corporate greed, which became rampant during the Reagan administration.

As far as covering up the Benghazi murders go, I’m going out on a limb here and assume you listen to primarily Fox News. Need I say more?

Let it be known that the “liberal” agenda is what brought us Social Security, where our seniors can live out their lives with dignity, Medicare, a well received government program, and unions, which have improved the living standards of everyone, whether you ever personally worked for a union or not.

It amazes and saddens me to see this county, one of the poorest counties in our state, even consider voting or supporting someone who does not have your best interest at heart. As for me I will continue to vote for what is best for our country, and that is the liberal agenda.

Sherry Goff
St. Helen

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