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‘Educational success in St. Helen’

Putting political agendas aside, I would like to bring a success story to light. A story of an elementary school once closed that was stated to have some of the best educational teachers in Roscommon County. A school so dear to the parents and students alike where they enjoyed closeness, friendship and learning from both sides of the equation. A school where students, principals and teachers all learned from each other every day. That day in Richfield Township when this one school, its only school that accommodated so many local children, closed its doors forever was a heartbreak for those teachers, students and the parents of St. Helen.

It sounds like an end to a sad story but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise and a total educational success. If only walls could talk that building would shake with extreme joy in hearing the screams and the voices from teachers and students again. Parents, businesses and our township governing body never gave up. They formed a committee and it came together to find a way to bring that school back to life and they succeeded along with the help and aid from Kirtland Community College, its community, its inspiration, its fortitude to again bring a school home to this area. You see dreams do come true with a lot of hard work and devotion. Now we have total educational local success in St. Helen called the Charleston Heston Academy. Another mark in history resolved by We The People.

David S. Walenski

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