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Three arrested after armed assault

Three men were arrested and lodged in the Roscommon County Jail, two for felonious assault and one for assault and battery, after a drunken fracas at a residence in Lake Township on the night of July 18.

State Police from Houghton Lake reported being dispatched to a residence at 9292 Mead Rd. in Lake Township for an assault involving weapons. A July 19 State Police press release stated that during an investigation of the incident, Troopers Jeff Short and Paul Neal determined that the owner of the residence next door at 9304 Mead Road, a 51-yearold Houghton Lake woman, “returned to her home to find highly intoxicated subjects being disorderly in her yard. When they refused to leave she attempted to chase them away using an axe handle.”

The police report on the incident said that one of the intoxicated men, identified as Shaun Salminen, 27, of Charlevoix, knocked the woman to the ground and threatened her with the axe handle he had taken from her. According to the press release, a 44-year-old next door neighbor, “then shouted over the fence for the assault to stop.” Suspect Salminen and two other intoxicated subjects, identified by police as Jeremy McCarrick, 32, of St. Helen and Zachary Salminen, 28, of Lake, “then went over the fence to assault the neighbor and his 14-year-old son and a visiting friend of West Jordan, UT.”

According to police, the three intoxicated suspects “brought with them the axe handle taken away from the female victim and a large knife or machete to assault the neighbors.” The police reported that Shaun Salminen carried the axe handle and used it to strike the neighbor, son and friend, and that McCarrick, who was carrying the machete, “began coming at [the 44-year-old] with a machete (large knife) attempting to assault [him] with said machete. [The 44-year-old ] (defending himself) punched Jeremy McCarrick very hard in the head knocking him out.”

“After a struggle which left non-life threatening injuries to the suspects as well as the juvenile and visiting friend was over, the three suspects fled the scene,” according to the State Police, and troopers were assisted by the Roscommon County Sheriff’s Office in locating the suspects at another residence at Houghton Lake. Shaun Salminen and McCarrick were apprehended by police near the residence, while Zachary Salminen, who had fled into the woods, was tracked down by Trooper Harold Terry and his K-9 Maximus about a quarter of a mile away. All three suspects and three victims were transported to Grayling Mercy Hospital where they were treated and released.

Shaun Salminen was lodged in the Roscommon County Jail on July 19 for felonious assault with a dangerous weapon. He was found to be currently on parole, and a parole detainer was also placed on him. He was arraigned in 82nd District Court, Roscommon on July 19, where he demanded a preliminary examination within 14 days. Bond was set at $100,000.

Jeremy McCarrick was also lodged on a charge of felonious assault with a dangerous weapon, and was also cited for violation of bond. He was arraigned on July 19 where he demanded a preliminary examination within 14 days. Bond was set at $10,000.

Zachary Salminen was lodged on a charge of assault and battery. A trial status conference in his case was set for Aug. 19 in 82nd District Court, and bond was set at $10,000.

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