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Tip-up Town 2017 kicks off Saturday at Playhouse

Taylar Akin Taylar Akin Tip-up Town, U.S.A., is right around the corner and folks are encouraged to “marvel” at the excitement of the “su­per” kick-off, set for Jan. 7 at the Hough­ton Lake Historical Playhouse.

This year’s theme is “Superheroes” and visitors to Tip-up Town will “won­der” how they made it through a whole calendar year without the winter carni­val.

The kick-off starts at 6 p.m. and is free to the public. A costume contest will be held and prizes will be awarded for best adult’s costume and best child’s costume. (Update: The award for the best costumes will be via a drawing for anyone that dresses up for the event.)  

Featured events include the auction­ing of the first 10 Tip-up Town badges, the first 10 jumps in the Polar Bear Dip and the first 10 collectible Tip-up Town logo fishing lures.

Mayor and marshal candidates will present a skit to promote their party and platform.

“Split Shot” Doug Macon Jr. is run­ning for mayor and Ken “Pressure Crack” Nebor is running for marshal. They are running as candidates of the People’s Party of Questionable Behav­ior. (Traditional parties include the Gold­fish Party and the Poor People’s Party, but others have been established, such as the Grand Old Dok Party and, more recently, the Old School Party.)

Macon is a Houghton Lake High School graduate and a U.S. Navy vet­eran.

Just over a year ago, he decided to come back to Houghton Lake to start a family business.

Nebor is also a HLHS graduate. He has three children who have all gone through the Houghton Lake school sys­tem as well. He has also been a volun­teer firefighter for Denton Township and Markey Township since 2003.

Macon said Tip-up Town is “a vital event for Houghton Lake and the sur­rounding areas for many reasons,” in his application letter. “The biggest one obvi­ously is for our local economy to hope­fully get a good shot in the arm, but it is a little deeper than that.”

Macon said for Nebor and him it is more about tradition and town recogni­tion. Tip-up Town is about “camaraderie in the community.” Most importantly, he said, it is a festival with activities for children to enjoy.

“Ken and I are locals who have lived in the area just shy of 50 years com­bined,” Macon said. “We feel we will be great ambassadors to represent the area and its locals for Tip-up Town 2017 and look forward to running for mayor/mar­shal.”

Other candidates may come forward to vie for the title of 2017 mayor and marshal. If not, then there will be no au­dience voting and Macon and Nebor will win by default.

Also featured will be the crowning of the Tip-up Town queen.

Only one candidate has volun­teered to participate, Taylar Akin.

A lifelong resident of Houghton Lake, Akin is a 2013 graduate of Hough­ton Lake High School and 2016 graduate of Michigan State University. She works at Diebold Insur­ance as an account ex­ecutive.

Also presented at the kick-off will be Grand Marshals Gary and Kathy Pease. They will lead the Grand Parade the first Saturday of Tip-up Town.

There will be a tribute to the late Frank “T-bear” Thibert, a long-time TUT volunteer and supporter. Thibert served as mayor of Tip-up Town in 1996.

From 8 p.m. to midnight the Play­house will remain open for an after party. There will be a $10 cover charge, which includes live music by Count n Change, appetizers by Creative Taste Catering, a cash bar and raffles.

The 67th annual Tip-up Town, U.S.A., is scheduled to take place Jan. 20-22 and 27-29.

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