2017-02-16 / Court News

34th Circuit Court

Judge Robert W. Bennett presided in 34th Circuit Court Feb. 2:

No. 16-72-2967, James Dibbett and Gloria Dibbett vs. Carrie Dove, the judge signed a pretrial scheduling order and discovery is to be completed by May 3; No. 16-72-2928, James Primeau vs. Richfield Township, plaintiff’s motion to compel state employee’s testimony was denied; No. 16-72-3286, Penny Turk vs. Art Jensen and Denton Township, at­torneys met in chambers and came to an agreement on alternate service for Jen­sen; No. 16-72-3105, Howard Lang and Nina Lang vs. Home-Owners Insurance Company, motion to compel deposition was denied; No. 16-72-3360, Kellie Na­ples Wegner, doing business as Zublers Indian Craft Shop, vs. Rick Foutch and Dawn Foutch, doing business as Step- up Acutions, judgment found in favor of the plaintiff; No. 16-72-2871, Tamala Ballor vs. Kathleen Barnett, case set for trial March 29; No. 16-72-2942, Thomas Prater vs. Timothy Prater, judge signed amended pretrial scheduling order and discovery is to be completed by April 3; No. 16-72-2916, TND Land Devel­opment, LLC, and Great Lake Homes, LLC, vs. Carrick Trucking and Gravel, LLC, judge signed orders compelling discovery amd deposition; No. 16-72- 3236, Estate of Bruce J. Dunlop vs. Tara Kimbrue, court will send a pretrial notice, as the case should have been scheduled for pretrial instead of lack of progress; and No. 16-72-3299, Randi Brushaber vs Lacey J. Morearty, sched­uling order will be sent out.

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