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Commission approves addition of K-9 to RCSO

Sheriff Ed Stern’s request for the Roscommon County Board of Com­missioners to consider the addition of a new K-9 to the department has been granted. As part of the Feb. 8 regular meeting, the board accepted an anonymous monetary donation for “obtaining, training and providing lifetime care” for an additional K-9 for the RCSO.

At a Jan. 25 meeting, Stern told commissioners that the cost of pur­chasing and providing the K-9 with proper training would be $12,500, which would be covered by the anonymous donation. Stern told the commissioners that it would cost the county $3,200 to have the new K-9 added to the department. That money would be paid to the deputy who is hired as the new K-9 officer for the care and maintenance of the K-9.

The board also adopted the Eco­nomic Development Corporation strategic plan, as presented to them Jan. 25. In other EDC news, the board discussed the reappointment of Al Cambridge to the board. Cam­bridge’s reappointment will be voted on at an upcoming meeting.

During unfinished business, At­torney Scott Hess provided the board with an update on Outlot A. He noted that he has been in contact with At­torney Bill Carey representing the Oliver Trust, however, he has not got­ten a response back.

Controller Jodi Valentino told the Resorter Feb. 13, that Hess has been attempting to seek an agreement out­side of court for Outlot A, however, he has not received a satisfactory re­sponse and it is now time for Hess to file with circuit court in an attempt to close the case.

The decision to file with circuit court is based on a Jan. 27, 2016 mo­tion, which the commissioners autho­rized Hess to inform the legal counsel for the Dorothy Oliver Trust that “if the quit claim deed previously pre­sented is executed as presented and delivered to the county’s attorney within 30 days of its presentation, the county will release the Dorothy Oliver Trust from any liability rela­tive to payment over/of any rental proceeds…”

As part of the work session, Mich­igan Firemen’s Memorial Festival Committee President Doug Hodges said that he recently became aware that the county would be accepting bids for the sale of the former animal shelter property and he noted that the MFMFC would be submitting a bid for the property. He said that he hopes that county considers the bid provided by the MFMFC.

Also during the work session, United Way of Saginaw County Di­rector Cherrie Benchley, who is also a member of Roscommon County 2-1-1, reviewed the number and types of calls that have been made by Roscommon County residents to 2-1- 1, which is a resource that provides Northeast Michigan with referrals and information to assist people who are looking for help.

In 2016, 2-1-1 handled over 400,000 contacts which included calls, chats and email. Roscommon County residents contacted 2-1-1 Northeast Michigan 613 times. 2-1- 1 Northeast Michigan provided sev­eral statistics regarding the people contacting 2-1-1 as well as provided information on the resources people were seeking, which were included in a Feb. 9 story in the Resorter, “Feb. 11 designated as 2-1-1 Day.”

Benchley also told the board that 2-1-1 provides a program called “Courage to Call,” which provides veterans with support when they need it. She added that the Roscom­mon County Veterans Affairs Office is aware of the program.

Commissioner Gary Stefanko not­ed that area service providers need to be aware of 2-1-1 and also make 2-1-1 aware of the services provided in the county

“The database is only as good as the information,” Benchley said. She too noted the importance of having an up-to-date database so residents are being given the best resources possible.

The board will meet next Feb. 22, with the work session starting at 9 a.m. and the regular meeting begin­ning at 10 a.m.

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