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Sheriff’s deputies make drunk driving arrests over the weekend

A Falmouth woman was arrested March 11 for driving while intoxicated and for speeding in Backus Township.

According to a Roscommon County Sheriff’s Office report, deputies were on patrol at about 2:15 a.m. on M-55, trav­eling westbound, when they saw a ve­hicle that appeared to be traveling faster than the posted 55 mph speed limit.

The deputies turned around to con­duct a traffic stop and activated the pa­trol car lights, but the vehicle continued to travel west on M-55 at a high rate of speed. In pursuit, the deputies turned on the patrol car’s spotlights and began shining the suspect vehicle in an attempt to get the vehicle to stop. However, the driver kept traveling west on M-55 at a high rate of speed, weaving over the road and crossing the center line on several occasions.

The deputies activated the patrol car’s siren and the suspect continued speeding for a while longer before com­ing to a stop on the shoulder of the road.

When the deputies approached the vehicle, they noticed the driver smelled of intoxicants and her eyes were watery and bloodshot.

According to the report, the suspect’s speech was slurred and she seemed con­fused. She had trouble getting out her driver’s license and was not able to re­trieve her vehicle paperwork.

Having trouble exiting the vehicle, she told deputies she had two glasses of beer at a concert. She had difficulty per­forming a finger dexterity test.

She was issued a citation for driving while intoxicated, first offense, and go­ing 98 mph in a 55 mph zone.

In a separate incident, a Gladwin woman was arrested for driving while intoxicated March 12 in Nester Town­ship.

A BOL (be on the lookout) had been issued for the woman at around 9:30 p.m. and deputies found her traveling on Greenwood Road at the Ogemaw County line.

The woman was westbound and had crossed the center line, according to a witness. The suspect vehicle had driven into a ditch and hit a tree before coming back onto the road.

The witness said the driver came to a stop in the road and the vehicle had sus­tained extensive front end damage.

Deputies approached the vehicle, to discover the driver was passed out. Once revived, the driver told officers the vehicle had quit running and she did not know what was going on. She said she had her driver’s license, proof of insurance and registration, but never attempted to retrieve them, according to the report.

The suspect, who had watery and bloodshot eyes, had slurred speech and could not hold a conversation. She told deputies she was cold and when she was assisted to the patrol car, she proceeded to lay on it.

Deputies determined she could not perform any physical tasks and they ar­rested her for driving while intoxicated and failing to report an accident.

In an incident in Roscommon Town­ship March 11, a Houghton Lake man was arrested for driving while intoxi­cated after deputies saw a vehicle speed­ing in a 35 mph zone on Federal Avenue, near Collingwood, at around 9:30 p.m.

Upon making the traffic stop, depu­ties observed the driver had slurred speech and bloodshot eyes. At first he told officers he had had five beers at the bar, but later told them he had had six or seven. He was able to perform a finger dexterity test, but a preliminary breath test revealed his blood alcohol content was .13.

The man was lodged in the Roscom­mon County Jail without incident.

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