2017-05-18 / Letters to the Editor

HLUA offers clarifications on sewer connection

Because some individuals have provided inaccurate and misleading information regarding the Higgins Lake Utility Authority’s (HLUA) consideration of the North Higgins Lake State Park connecting to our system, the authority would like to provide the following clarifications:

The State of Michigan/Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has been an excellent partner in the study of the potential connection of the North Higgins Lake State Park. At the outset, the HLUA requested that the state complete a study and provide that information to the HLUA. The intent was that the HLUA would use this information to evaluate the feasibility and determine the fees associated with the connection. The information provided by the state, and their engineering consultant, Larry Fox of C2AE, was factual and based on information obtained from the HLUA and the sewer use ordinance adopted by the HLUA and the participating townships.

The state never made an “offer” to the HLUA. The state provided the information requested and that information was to be used to help the HLUA develop a basis for an agreement. Neither the state nor C2AE ever pushed any cost basis or agenda. During the meeting that they did attend they made it very clear that they were there to answer questions but would not be involved in any negotiations to determine cost.

There was much debate within the HLUA and the member townships, Beaver Creek and Lyon, in the attempt to reach a reasonable connection cost basis to provide the state for their evaluation. However that internal debate in no way reflects badly on the state or C2AE.

There were also unfounded accusations of a conflict of interest by C2AE on this project. The HLUA has determined that this has no basis and adopted a resolution to the contrary, stating that C2AE and Larry Fox acted with professionalism and integrity throughout this process.

This information is available as a part of the public record.

Sharon Hartman


Higgins Lake Utilities Authority

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