2017-08-10 / Letters to the Editor

Writer seeks change after close call at intersection

As many of us have experienced, life can change in the blink of an eye. Recently my family of four was at the crosswalk by Kronner Pharmacy in Prudenville. We were leaving a community event/band at Trestle Park.

When we arrived at the crosswalk, we pushed the button to notify the system that we were waiting to cross. After a few minutes, once the light signal ran its normal course, we were directed to walk across. About five seconds into our crossing, a vehicle coming from south M-18 hadn’t noticed us. The driver sped up in a moment of panic, swerved and finally slammed on her brakes resting her vehicle within a foot or two of myself and my 10-month-old that lay sleeping in his stroller. The driver of the car motioned that she was sorry and to continue walking across. Despite all ending well, I couldn’t shake the feeling that my world could have been turned upside down all because of a single second in time when a driver was too eager to get where they were going instead of paying attention to the crosswalk. I’m thankful that my family is okay and cannot fathom what it would be like if one more second would have passed before the driver realized we were there.

I’m writing this not only to inform the community of this and to remind everyone about the importance/ safety of pedestrians, but to hopefully have something changed at this intersection. If there is a push button to notify the signaling system that someone is waiting to cross, shouldn’t there be measures in place to notify drivers? Or even give the pedestrians a few seconds head start before the light turns green for the cars. Until something changes, we will not be using this crosswalk and will continue to remind the community of the importance of this issue.

Amanda Harding


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