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Writer takes umbrage with ‘seat envy’ piece

The July 20 issue of the Resorter ran a guest editorial by Michigan Press Association Executive Director Jim Tarrant (“‘The facts are black and white”) reminding us of the important role a local newspaper plays in the community. Too bad [the editor] and [his] staff didn’t read it.

I refer to the “Our Opinion” piece in last week’s issue titled “We reporters, look at board members with seat envy.” Since the article took up nearly half of the editorial page, I felt that it must be about a matter of some importance to the community.

So I started reading it. My expectation that the “editorial” would have some value soon changed to a flicker of hope. That hope quickly turned to dismay. I couldn’t believe that the paper (“news” intentionally left off) felt its readers should know that some of the chairs the staff must sit on while covering local government meetings are too hard, some are too high and some are just right.

Guess we are supposed to applaud the dedication of these writers (“journalists” intentionally not used) working in such harsh conditions out in the field.

If your staff really feels the need to write about such matters, I suggest they post their comments on their respective Facebook page where you expect to find such trivia.

Publish more pieces like this and the blank newsprint roll ends sold in the classified section will become more important to the community than the actual newspaper.

Fred Palm


Editor’s note: Lighten up. As one of the reporters who wrote it said, “It was just for fun.”

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