2017-09-07 / Letters to the Editor

Information ‘often not truth’

Those of us who were born in the black Model T Ford-era and served our country in World War II have seen great changes in communication capabilities.

As a young man, I could not imagine now when Christ returns “every eye will see him.” Now, with our satellite television capabilities, “we can see another example of how the Bible is true.” How sad that much of the information we receive today is often not truth. Israel is constantly being accused wrongly, despite the fact that they have given the world more research, inventions, technology and scholars than many larger nations.

Christ said in Mark 13:13, “They will hate you because they hated me.” Jews and Christians are hated, and we can see that happening in America. Two sources I trust are Mike Evans of “Jerusalem Prayer Team” and William Murray of “Religious Freedom Coalition.” They have both traveled many times to the Middle East to talk with survivors of attacks by Palestinians and ISIS. I will spare you the horrible accounts, which are ignored by our media and the international community.

Did you realize that we give millions to Palestinians and they pay handsome rewards to families of those who kill Jews? What about our “civilized” America? We only rip limb from limb our own living innocent babies and sell their parts! How sad that we are allowing this to happen. I pray for our young people today that are denied the Biblical truths that give life wisdom, health and happiness.

Parker Seiler


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