2017-09-07 / Letters to the Editor

‘Wake up America!’

Anyone who has had their eyes and ears open knows that President Trump lies every time he opens his mouth. He recently outdid himself when he repeated the same line that “Repugnicans” have been feeding us for decades: That tax breaks for the corporations create high paying jobs and boosts the economy.

Really? They have had their tax breaks since President Reagan gave them in the early 1980s. Where are the high paying jobs and the booming economy? They also keep griping that our corporations have the highest tax rate in the world. The tax rate doesn’t matter. What matters is how much taxes they pay after they take advantage of all the loopholes the Repugnican congress critters have given them. The corporate giants Exxon, Mobile, G.E. and Boeing, to name a few, haven’t paid taxes in years.

Do they use that money to create jobs? Of course not. They take advantage of another Repugnican loophole and put that money in a foreign bank where they don’t have to pay taxes, give their executive obscene salaries, and if there is any money left over, they use it to buy more congress critters whose job it is to see that the corporations can continue their thievery. As a result, we do not have a Democracy. We are living in a “Corpocracy.”

How can this go on for decades and yet people still vote for Repugnicans? Easy. It is the result of a plan the Repugs initiated about 50 years ago. It is called “the dumbing down of America.” Why did they start this? Because dumb people are easier to control and more apt to be gullible enough to believe Repug lies. This was all exposed in a book by that name. All the tools they have used to make it happen are outlined. Things like using the corporate media and talk radio to slant all the news, make a college education harder for poor people to get, make “trickle -down” seem to be working – it never has – cut funding for public schools and replace them with charter schools. The corporate media always uses the term “tax reform” instead of calling it what it really is – more tax breaks for the rich. They insist on calling social security and medicare “entitlements.” Not! We have and are paying for it. The electing of Trump to the presidency is indisputable proof that their plan has worked.

I must tell you at this point that I am not a Democrat. I am just a taxpayer who cares enough to pay attention and realize what is happening to our country. Wake up America!

Jerry Johnston


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