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Grayson’s Gift available through Gerrish fire

Gerrish Township firefighters gave a presentation at the Roscommon County Commission on Aging’s Roscommon Center Sept. 29 about a product avail­able at the Gerrish Township Fire Hall.

The department has “bed shaker” smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) de­tector alarms provided by Grayson’s Gift.

Grayson’s Gift is an organization that was started after Chris Carmany, one of the department’s firefighters, and his wife, Kristen, had a child, Grayson, who was born deaf.

When the family realized that their child would not be able to hear a smoke or CO detector in the event of an emergency, they became very con­cerned.

Kristen Carmany has been pas­sionate about helping the deaf and hard of hearing since the birth of their son.

The Carmanys thought that this pro­gram would be a wonderful way for the fire department to give back to the com­munity and help those that are deaf or hard of hearing. Grayson’s Gift raised the money to purchase one of these alarms for every child in Roscommon County who is deaf or hard of hearing (and also for as many adults as possible).

The alarm connects wirelessly to the regular smoke and CO detectors in one’s home and when those alarm they send a signal to the bed shaker alarm, which then shakes (vibrates) under the user’s pillow waking them and alerting them to an emergency. The alarm also has a strobe light to offer another way of alert­ing the situation.

Gerrish Township Fire Department, along with Grayson’s Gift, will install these alarms at no cost. There is no cost for the alarm either, a $270 value. Any­one who would like one of these alarms or would like information may stop by the Gerrish Township Fire Hall or call 821-9813.

Gerrish Township Fire/EMS Depart­ment will be presenting information once a month at the COA’s Roscommon Center to promote fire safety and provide education to the public.

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