2017-11-09 / Letters to the Editor

‘Get back to Godly standards’

We, the elderly, remember the days when families were families, father, mother and children. It worked because this was our Creator’s plan for a healthy marriage.

Today, millions in our nation, do not have the advantage of this solid foundation. Unfortunately our welfare system, which was designed to assist struggling families, has become one of the major contributors, because of abuses. It is difficult for one parent to properly train and discipline a child, especially if the father is missing. Dr. Ben Carson’s mother was one of many exceptions.

Another advantage we had was that parents loved their unborn babies and did not murder them in the womb! Children were not to be sacrificed for our convenience. May God help us!

We can also remember when we sat and ate together, before television and cell phones interrupted our normal ways of communicating. Too much of Hollywood and television is damaging to our morality and wrongly influences our youth.

We did not have the horrible drug problem that is killing or debilitating millions. The Bible and its healthy instructions were welcomed in our schools, courts and government. Sadly, a tiny minority of Atheists were able to change that through the courts, and we are suffering from those ungodly decisions. Wouldn’t it be helpful if our leaders in Washington would set a good example for the rest of us? My wife, Darlene, and I are very disappointed in the examples set by the last four administrations. It now appears that there is corruption in both parties because they have been serving self, rather than the people they represent.

Fortunately, there are some exceptions. I met one at the Denton Township Hall Monday.

To hear that two former presidents, of our party, that voted for the opposition because their candidate didn’t get the nomination, was sickening. And then there’s Hillary! I was surprised and pleased that Donna Brazile, a Democratic insider, had the courage to, just days ago, come out with truth about political corruption. Sadly, wealth and power seem to corrupt. I just hope that Donna has bodyguards.

The answer is simply to get back to Godly standards, which told us right from wrong. A word of caution, just remember that you and I are not the judge. There is a true Supreme Court, made up of three members, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, that will judge each one of us for what we have done during this earthy experiment. I am not your judge, nor are you mine. We should encourage each other because “Father knows best!”

Parker Seiler


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