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receives unique inquiry for TUT marshal

By Cheryl Holladay

The Houghton Lake Chamber of Commerce may just have its first candidate for Tip-up Town marshal.

In keeping with the tradition of Tomfoolery the winter carnival in­spires, a letter-writer – from Dodge City, KS, no less – has inquired about the 2018 job opening:

“Heard you might be looking for a marshall (sic) for Tip-up Town. I have plenty of experience, seeing how my daddy was the late Matt Dil­lon. Please tell me how much the job pays and I’d be obliged in getting back with you.”

The handwritten letter was signed “Matt Dillon Jr.”

Matt Dillon was a fictional char­Chamber acter on Gunsmoke, who served as the U.S. marshal of Dodge City.

While the authenticity of the let­ter is in question, the mysterious candidate hit the nail on the head.

“That’s pretty darn neat, right there,” said Kim Akin, executive di­rector of the Houghton Lake Cham­ber of Commerce.

The letter was received Nov. 30, when former executive director at the chamber Linda Tuck picked up the mail from the postmaster.

Seeing as how this year’s Tip- up Town theme is “country west­ern,” someone thought to get some grist for the Tip-up Town mill. Akin said no other candidates for mayor or marshal, real or imaginary, have come forward.

Perhaps Matt Dillon Jr. will ap­pear at the Tip-up Town Kick-off, slated for Jan. 6, 2018, at the Hough­ton Lake Historical Playhouse.

Potential rootin’ tootin’ hog- tyin’ candidates may mosey on up to the chamber office, located on Route M-55, just around the bend at Houghton Lake.

Inquiries may also be made by telegraph – er – telephone at 366- 5644.

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