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STATE OF MICHIGANPROBATE COURTCOUNTY OF ROSCOMMONNOTICE TO CREDITORSDecedent's EstateFILE NO.17-55458-DEEstate of EARL WILLIAM MCCON-NELLDate of birth: 02/23/1936TO ALL CREDITORS:*NOTICE TO CREDITORS: The de-cedent, EARL WILLIAM MCCONNELL,died 08/31/2017.Creditors of the decedent are notifiedthat all claims against the estate will beforever barred unless presented toRichard J. McConnell, personal repres-entative, or to both the probate court at500 Lake St., Roscommon, MI 48653and the personal representative within4 months after the date of publicationof this notice.Date: 10/02/2017Roberta L. Eckert-Chrispell (P46479)3179 W. Houghton Lake Dr.Houghton Lake, MI 48629(989)366-8177Richard J. McConnell419 IroquoisPrudenville, MI 48651(989)202-2375
property at the mortgage foreclosure sale
Keywords Estate FILE, PROBATE COURT, personal representative, MICHIGANPROBATE COURTCOUNTY, CREDITORSDecedents Estate, beforever barred, ROSCOMMON NOTICE, COURT COUNTY, MICHIGAN PROBATE, CREDITORS Decedents, Decedents Estate, CIRCUIT COURT, Plaintiff v, Z Z, Roscommon County
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