In the US, we have chosen representative democracy

Guest Opinion

By Lee H. Hamilton We Americans live in a representative democracy. That’s a fundamental feature of public life in the United States, a part of who we are as a people. We elect leaders to make decisions on our behalf. It’s not a pure democracy, in which the people vote on every important issue and the majority gets its way. […]

It Happened

Proud resident

Letter to the Editor

Like many of you, we call Roscommon County home. Whether you live or visit, there is so much to offer in the four seasons of this community. We are fortunate to have so many natural resources including the abundant trails, to the lakes, we all live in such a diverse community to be considered Michigan’s other Great Lakes! Houghton Lake, […]

Latest ‘apple’ of our ‘i’

Letter to the Editor

In the Biblical story of Adam and Eve they fell victim to temptation and ate from the apple (the tree of the knowledge of good and evil). It led to shame (their naked bodies), isolation (hiding from the Lord), deceit (the first lie) and divisiveness (between the couple). It ended with their banishment from the Garden of Eden and a […]

Biden rescuing country

Letter to the Editor

No Mr. Brata, President Biden is not “killing our country” (Resorter, Feb. 16), President Biden is rescuing our country. Donald Trump attempted to destroy our country. The hunt is over. The witch is cornered. I don’t like him so much. C. David Church Roscommon

‘Let’s get something done’

Letter to the Editor

This is in regards to the Higgins Lake dam. I do not know who has the authority to make decisions nor do I really care. At least someone tried to do something instead of standing around arguing. The majority of people on Higgins want the lake level up. Someone needs to correct the poor decisions of their predecessor. The lake […]

Cheers to heroes, boos to incompetent

Letter to the Editor

Two communities. Two tragedies. Two contrasting responses. Hundreds of police officers rushed to the Michigan State University campus last week to assist in the search for an armed assailant terrorizing the community of 50,023 students and 5,696 faculty and staff. Officers from jurisdictions as far away as Oakland County came to help apprehend the shooter, whose father described him as […]

Contact legislators

Letter to the Editor

On Feb. 13, Gerrish Lyon Utility Authority (GLUA) supplied written answers to my Jan. 25 Houghton Lake Resorter editorial page questions (“Writer poses questions for GLUA”). GLUA acknowledged they will resubmit, not amend, their original approved 2022 sewer plan in hopes it will receive a better merit score from new Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) scoring criteria (compared to […]

Tragedy was avoidable

Letter to the Editor

[This is in] response to the Resorter’s editorial, “MSU shooting leads to more ‘Whys?’” in the Feb. 16 edition, [Michigan State University shooter Anthony] McRae was arrested in 2019 for felony arms possession. This carries a minimum five-year sentence. McRae [pleed guilty to a misdemeanor gun charge] in a deal with the Ingham County District Attorney’s office. McRae should have […]

Merritt firefighters joined by others in battling morning house fire

Just before 6 a.m. Feb. 10, firefighters from the Merritt Area Fire Department (MAFD) and the Clam Union Township Fire Department were dispatched by Missaukee County 911 to an attic fire at a home in the 6000 block of East Cadillac Road, in Holland Township (Merritt). According to MAFD Chief Ed Nettle, units arrived on scene to find the fire […]